Seven Mile Beach- Llantrissant

Love in The Time of Corona

Seven Mile Beach- Llantrissant
Seven Mile Beach, Negril

This is certainly a prettier picture than the desolate riverbank scene in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ Love in the Time of Cholera. Here is the famous Seven Mile Beach as it hasn’t been seen in more than 50, before the arrival of the first visitors. This was a fishing village not more than 50 years ago with less than 500  inhabitants. Now it has become one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean, that is until Covid-19. 

Nevertheless, little has changed on our property. The staff has done a wonderful job of maintaining the house and yard in great shape in our absence of more than a year.

Kayaks at the Head of the Boat Landing and Small Beach   

There is a timelessness of the place that, if anything, has been enhanced by the pandemic – the nights are quieter and the road is less traveled. 

Travel Authorization

From the outset of the pandemic, the Jamaican government has been very proactive and had enforced a lockdown for more than three months. Now, the airports are open again but travel documents including an authorization form are required.

An interview takes place prior to going through the immigration lines.  

Out on the street, masks are evident almost everywhere but there are always those who don’t appreciate the gravity of the situation. The supermarkets and shops that I have visited, check temperatures and have hand sanitizers at the entrances. 

We are still waiting for a visit from the Jamaican Tourist Board to certify our staff and property but we should be certified in the very near future since we have an infrared thermometer and numerous hand sanitizers, including touchless ones, strategically located in the house and at the entrance to the property. 

A Contrast of the Old and the New at the Entrance to the Dining Room

The staff adheres to strict mask-wearing when interacting with guests and no one is allowed on the property without wearing a mask. Surface sanitizers are used between guest stays and the openness of the house ensures that the air is constantly circulating.

Christmas at Llantrissant

Christmas is always a joyous time. There is something special about the sunlight that filters through the canopy on our property at this time of the year. The air is crisp and believe it or not, you may even need a windbreaker or sweater if there is a northerly blowing off the sea.

Blankets are provided since the temperatures can reach the low 70s!

The Christmas week is still available and we are offering a 20% discount of the normal peak season rates that will be based on occupancy rather than the full-house rate. Please call or email us directly rather than using any other booking service. We take credit cards through PayPal and directly through American Express.

A Happy Place

Jamaicans have known hardship throughout their history. Their fundamental strength lies in their resilience. We don’t know when the pandemic will ease up and allow for a more unrestricted lifestyle and safer travel, but it will eventually end.

Path Behind the Old Handball Court

We just want to add another escape route to your imagination. 

Keep safe during this coming holiday season. 

All the best from Craig, Cherry, our family, and the staff. 

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