End Of Season Specials

10% Discount for Remainder of season has been applied to the base rates. Take an additional 5% for direct booking. *

The Arctic blast should have everyone planning a day or two at the beach somewhere in the Caribbean. We have two quite distinctive beaches that are private and exclusively located on a special property in Negril known as Llantrissant.

The larger of the two beaches is just steps from the house so there is no need to pack a bag and haul an ice chest. We provide beach towels, kayaks, paddle boards, pool floats and snorkeling gear at no extra cost.

The smaller beach is located on the other side of the tennis court, is more protected, has more shade and provides greater privacy. The shallower entrance to the water is ideal for small children. The kayaks and paddle boards can be launched from there as well as from the boat landing. Notice two kayaks on the left side of the picture below on a rack by the boat landing.

However, if the beauty of the property can not wrest you away from the virtual world and if bandwidth is what you crave, you will be happy with the recent upgrade to a fiber optic cable. The six Google Mesh routers throughout the house and around the property will keep you connected to what is near and dear with WiFi calling and internet connectivity.


From the arrival meal to all the meals in between, our staff will be at your service to prepare and serve all your meals and will even accompany you to the supermarket, fishermen’s beach, produce sellers’ stalls to help you with the shopping. Our driver can also carry you back and forth to the supermarket or fishermen’s beach for a nominal fee.

* A 10% discount has already been applied to the remaining dates until April 14th. An additional 5% discount will be applied with the promo code “BookDirect”. If you have any questions, then please contact us by email or call 305-321-7458, and we will send you a proposal with a 15% discount.

Email Contact: crt@beachcliff.com

The nights of March 13th-15th are available for those who may want to start or end their villa experience with three nights in Negril.

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