End Of Season Specials

10% Discount for Remainder of season has been applied to the base rates. Take an additional 5% for direct booking. *

The Arctic blast should have everyone planning a day or two at the beach somewhere in the Caribbean. We have two quite distinctive beaches that are private and exclusively located on a special property in Negril known as Llantrissant.

The larger of the two beaches is just steps from the house so there is no need to pack a bag and haul an ice chest. We provide beach towels, kayaks, paddle boards, pool floats and snorkeling gear at no extra cost.

The smaller beach is located on the other side of the tennis court, is more protected, has more shade and provides greater privacy. The shallower entrance to the water is ideal for small children. The kayaks and paddle boards can be launched from there as well as from the boat landing. Notice two kayaks on the left side of the picture below on a rack by the boat landing.

However, if the beauty of the property can not wrest you away from the virtual world and if bandwidth is what you crave, you will be happy with the recent upgrade to a fiber optic cable. The six Google Mesh routers throughout the house and around the property will keep you connected to what is near and dear with WiFi calling and internet connectivity.


From the arrival meal to all the meals in between, our staff will be at your service to prepare and serve all your meals and will even accompany you to the supermarket, fishermen’s beach, produce sellers’ stalls to help you with the shopping. Our driver can also carry you back and forth to the supermarket or fishermen’s beach for a nominal fee.

* A 10% discount has already been applied to the remaining dates until April 14th. An additional 5% discount will be applied with the promo code “BookDirect”. If you have any questions, then please contact us by email or call 305-321-7458, and we will send you a proposal with a 15% discount.

Email Contact: crt@beachcliff.com

The nights of March 13th-15th are available for those who may want to start or end their villa experience with three nights in Negril.

Elementor #4548

The Luxury of Privacy

For most people, luxury means opulence and extravagance, but without privacy, it is meaningless. At Llantrissant,  privacy is our unadorned luxury.

The Year in Review

2023 has been a momentuous year – from record breaking tempertures around the globe, to the greatest of inhumanities. Nevertheless, on a spec of land  in the middle of a gentle Caribbean sea, a special property continues to offer its refuge from the tumultuous world at large – Llantrissant, a misspelled Welsh place name, still  evokes mystery and charm behind its long walls and gated entrance.

Charting the Course

 Who could have known that a simple act of placing a puppy on a kayak on his first day on the property would influence him for the rest of his life? 


With any historical property, there is always an imperative to maintain its ambiance so as not to detract from the sense of the time that it evokes. However, certain amenities are essential to its operation, none less than its bathrooms. We have recently upgraded two of the bathrooms by removing their bathtubs and replacing them with walk-in showers.

Gone are the shower curtains and in their place, free-standing glass panels.

Walk in shower in grey bedroom.

Behind The Scenes

Gone are the days when a visitor could rent a spare bed in a local Negril home for $5 per night or dine out at a local restaurant and have a meal for a similar price. Since then the reputation of Negril’s laidback lifestyle and crystal clear waters has attracted the construction of all-inclusive hotels with thousands of more rooms. As a consequence, the water supply to the area has come under stress as it has to most of the island.

For this reason, we have recently installed a 1,000 gallon water tank to add to the 400 gallon tank that we already had to ensure that everyone can take a shower, the toilets can flush, meals cooked and the laundry get done in case the water pressure drops off. Thankfully, this doesn’t happen very often but we are not taking any chances for when it does. 

Bottled Water Service

It has been more than a year since we installed our reverse osmosis system and a recent test for total dissolved solids (TDS) showed that the water contained only 32 parts per million (ppm) which is well below the unfiltered level of >150 ppm. We will continue to use the TDS meter to determine when to replace the filters. The purified water can be served both flat and fizzed in stoppered bottles that will remain chilled in the refrigerator. 

Under the Lights

The property remains an attractive venue for weddings and events. The addition of a string lighting configuration on the seawall just adds to the magic of the place.

The overall lighting on the property not only provides security but promotes that special glow of a welcoming ambiance.

Availability for the 2024 Peak Season

Thanks to the loyalty of our repeat guests and referrals, the end of 2023 and early 2024 has provided us with our highest occupancy rates since prior to the pandemic. Nevertheless, our calendar is still wide-open for much of February and March. Repeat guests will enjoy a 5% discount and 5% for direct booking through our website. We will also waive the weekend surcharge for reservations that are less than seven nights, but this can only be obtained by calling us directly so that we can apply those discounts. We will also provide a 5% discount to any prospective guest who has been referred by our former guests. We want to remain Negril’s best-kept secret but not ‘too’ secret. 

 The New Year

As we finish up 2023, we are certainly hoping for a more peaceful New Year and one that is healthier overall for mankind and the environment. We welcome the news of a stable economic climate, one in which all can enjoy and thrive. We, at Llantrissant, wish you the best for the New Year.

A Dog’s Life

Here’s Max on his first day on the property.

After Sam’s passing in May related to a debilitating hip dysplasia that is common for Rottweilers, we decided that Stella needed a companion. After a few calls in our network, Max arrived. Since he was limping, we almost didn’t take him, but we couldn’t pass up those intelligent eyes. It was difficult leaving him after just having him for four days, but when we arrived back on the property in July, it was like we had never left. But, maybe that is how he treats everybody. The hard part is the inconsistency in training. Luckily, he responds to the staff, afterall, he is one of the team. But he is still a puppy and needs all the attention that he can get. So far, he has been a hit with the kids who have stayed on the property, and even the adults as seen from the photographs they have shared on Instagram.

Undoing all of George’s hard work keeping the beach raked up.

Life Goes On

We have been quite fortunate to have assembled a very cohesive and caring staff. Anchored by the long standing loyalty and service of Charmer and Barry, our security guards, Chenille, Angela, Shenicka and George have already proven that they are sensitive the needs of the guests and the property itself. In addition to keeping the lawns and beaches clean, George has proven to have a green thumb, especially herbs.

Basil, aka ‘the pesto plant’

It’s one thing to have basil and another to know what to do with it. Chenille is a hotel trained cook and can make pesto in a heart beat but you may need to bring your own pine nuts. Olive oil and Parmesan cheese are available at the local grocery stores for a detour into non-island cooking. She knows how to use our food processer and all of the accoutrements in the kitchen including a Japanese grinding bowl for homemade salad dressing. She can also bake cakes and cookies, especially sweet potato pudding. She is a fast learner and after just one try she made a Hollandaise sauce for a variation of our signature dish – poached eggs on callaloo with bammy on the side.

A Restorative Place

Sometimes when chilling out means slowing down, there is no better place than in a hammock. Afterall, it was an Arawak Indian word, along with tobacco, canoe and bar-b-que.

Exploring the Space/time Continuum.

Photo Op

Sunsets are spectacular from April through October when the sun heads north, or rather the earth is tilted downwards in its sojourn around the sun.One of our guests captured this dramatic photo that deserves to be framed. Thank you Chris.

Never too young or too old.

From the advanced age of Dr. Arthur Drew, a former owner of the place from 1926-56, who died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 93 and is buried on the property . . .

to the youngest of toddlers who have wondered about where the staircase leads, Llantrissant is a family place.

A Work in Progress

Story has it that when Leyson Ewen, the owner of the Casa Blanca Hotel in Montego Bay, bought the property in the late 1950s that he wanted to tear the house down because of its general disrepair and lack of modern amenities such as running water and electricity.

However, an architect friend persuaded him to make the necessary upgrades including downstairs bathrooms that open onto an outdoor shower for rinsing off after swimming, an indoor kitchen and a larger veranda.

But that was more than sixty years ago and it takes a little ingenuity to cut a plank needed to replace one that dry-wood termites had devoured over that time. Restoration is always a work in progress and a testament to skills and determination of our dedicated tradesmen and staff.

Marking the Seasons

Look closely to see the leaves from the guinep tree covering the driveway gravel in late Spring, not Fall. We are always surprised by the changes that the seasons bring to the property.

The Frangipani are in bloom in May and June that provides a perfect backdrop for weddings. The red crowns of the Poinciana start in the late Spring and last through August. And, the seagrapes in the fall dispel the notion of the uniformity of the seasons which are also punctuated by the different fruits such as mangoes, guinep, star apple, sweet and sour sop, jackfruit and naseberry.

Oh, the salt air

These frigate birds and pelicans adorn a willow tree as it is known in Jamaica but is a casuarina pine, or Australian pine. From their perch they have discovered that our cove is a favorite for small fry.

Although the salt air is thought to be salutary, it also causes corrosion of anything metallic so this was another year among many to replace and upgrade the stereo amplifier which is now accessible by Bluetooth and a smart flat screen TV with Prime, Disney, YouTube and Netflix.We gave also upgraded our cable and internet service to fiber optic with screaming fast speeds to keep up with the demands of the internet-of-things, especially when there are 11 guests in the house.

Games People Play

We now have a pickle ball set that has been added to the horseshoes, croquet and bocce ball sets. We also maintain a 5 gallon bucket of balls that are kept under pressure and can be used for practicing serves and for the local tennis pros who are available for lessons and hitting. We also keep the usual board games on hand for those rainy days.

Sheltered from Upheaval

Except for the Viet Nam war, I can not think of any other time in my lifetime where we have experienced so much upheaval: Covid, the war in Ukraine, inflation and climate change. Yet, we all need a break in the action, and while it’s not to say that Jamaica is immune to these forces, somehow, Lllantrissant, may remain the last redoubt.

When you are looking for availability in the coming year, you will note that the rates have gone up slightly. This is the first time in almost ten years that we have raised our rates to reflect the increased costs that we face in order to keep the place staffed 24/7 and 365 days a year. Please be reminded that the weekend surcharge will be waived for reservations lasting more than a week. I will adjust the invoice once the reservation has been made. Another important detail to keep in mind is that the tax and gratuity is partially greyed out but is included in the final price. We have also instituted a pre-authorization charge of $1,500.00 as a loss/damage deposit.

We certainly hope that you will include us in your vacation plans for the year ahead.

All the best,

Craig, Cherry and The Staff

A Family Affair

There could be nothing better in life than to spend time with family that is untroubled by any other responsibility than making sure that sunscreen is applied or life vests are secured.
Who Needs TV When You Can Climb a Tree?
Or, Hide Inside One?
No getting lost in the woods, just hiding out in the massive buttress roots of the giant cotton trees.For the Youngest Travellers
We have a crib, playpen, daybed and highchairs for the youngest of travellers. A nanny service is also available.Learning Architecture on The Beach
Whose Turn For Dishes?
And mom and dad don’t need to spend a minute in the supermarket or kitchen.Our staff does it all – shopping, cooking, serving and cleaning up. Now, that’s service.Tennis Anyone?
The tennis court is in great shape. Our security guard, Charmer, has masterfully top-dressed it and rolled it. George, our gardener, makes sure that it is watered and broomed. Local tennis pros are available for hitting and teaching. Just bring your own rackets, balls and shoes, but we do have general purpose rackets for adults and children, and a bucket of practice balls for those who want to give it a try.
What, me worry?
We all need an escape from these uncertain and stressful times and where could be a better place be than in a hammock in the Caribbean? The very words hammock, canoe, tobacco and bar-b-que were all given to us by the Arawack indians of Jamaica. The indentured servants from India most likely brought ganja to Jamaica where it is now legal for medicinal purposes.
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Coming In From The Cold

Island Escape
Relief is just a flight away from the bone-chilling effects of winter and from the Covid restrictions of social distancing and mask wearing.
Whether you want to have a long respite or a brief getaway, there are still about six weeks available at Llantrissant with spans as short as five days, up to eighteen days, and anything in-between. Check the availabilty calendar for the open dates.We are waiving the weekend surcharge for stays longer than seven nights. We are also offering a 10% last-minute getaway discount for any reservations made within one week of departure and a 20% discount made within three days of departure. The minimum night stay requirement is four nights in the peak season and two nights in the off-peak season.Our BeachesThe name Beachcliff came about from the fact that we are at the beginning of the cliffs on the West End and we have two pocket beaches that represent extensions of the Seven Mile Beach, therefore, the tagline, “Where the Cliffs and The Beaches Meet.”
The larger of the two beaches is about 120 feet long, and the smaller is about 60 feet. Both beaches have sandy bottoms with occasional stones that get washed in by‘big seas’. The coral reefs seem to be making a comeback but are struggling to do so as are all the reefs globally.
Our four kayaks and two standup paddleboards can be launched from any of the beaches and easily from the boat landing especially for anyone who is interested in venturing out to sea when the seas are rough.
We have life jackets for adults and a limited number of life jackets for children. We also have four swimming bouys that attach at the waist for those who want to do open water swimming. There are at least a dozen pairs of fins and a dozen masks and snorkels.
All of the watersports equipment is available at no charge, but a damage/loss waiver is required.Hanging out
There are no shortages of chaise lounges, Adirondack chairs and hammocks which you can place anywhere on the property to spend with friends and family.
DiningThe veranda has been the go-to spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, the large table on the seawall can be a nice alternative, especially during the Spring and Summer at sunset.
Sparkling Water ServiceWe are offering a special sparkling water service. With the availability of bottled spring water in 5 gallon bottles that has a dispenser, the staff is now trained to fizz the water using a SodaStream dispenser. You will have a choice of either flat or sparkling water or both that will be served in stoppered bottles with your meals. The cost of the 5 gallon bottled water is US$7.00 delivered as needed and an additional fee is charged for the gas depending on the size of the group and the length of stay.
TennisWe maintain our red clay court in tip-top shape throughout the year. It is watered when required, and rolled at least once a week.
Tennis pros are available for individual or group lessons at US$40 per hour.Our StaffIn the hospitality industry, except for healthcare, the value of a great staff can not be overstated. The villa vacation experience in Jamaica is defined by its staff and ours is second to none. Depending on the size of the group, there may be only one but as many as three housekeepers who share the duties of cooking and housekeeping. The groundskeeper is responsible for maintaining the tennis court, lawns and beaches. The night watchmen are kept on their toes by the presence of our two dogs, Stella and Sam. We have six walkie-talkies that are used by the staff during the day and are available to the guests during the night to communicate with the watchman. Our manager is on-call for any questions or emergencies. Our minibus drivers are members of JUTAand operate independently and are available for airport transfers and day trips.Looking AheadThe Government of Jamaica has been very proactive regarding the pandemic with strict entry requirements and mitigation measures for the hospitality industry. There is no doubt that the pandemic will last for years and will be accompanied by fatigue and stress. A vacation is probably the best medicine under these circumstances and we are encouraging our loyal base and prospective guests to take advantage of the unique environment of Llantrissant Beachcliff Villa for that special experience.
Rate ChangesWe have not had a rate increase in almost 10 years so we will be increasing the rates by a little less than 10% for the 2022-23 Season. The peak season begins at Thanksgiving week and runs through April 14th, 2023. The Holiday rates are at the whole-house rate regardless of occupancy.Greetings for the New YearWith all of the exigencies of the past two years, we have been fortunate to have a very resilient staff who have been devoted to us as we have been to them. This cohesiveness has made our visits to the property less stressful and more enjoyable than we could have expected. It has been a labor of love for all the years that we have owned the place, and there does not seem to be anything, even Covid-19, that can shake this devotion.We are hoping that all of you are as blessed as we have been, and hope that the New Year will bring you prosperity and peace.All the best from,Craig and Cherry and the Staff

Environmentally Friendly

Since many prospective guests have wondered why we don’t have air conditioning at Llantrissant I have included the photo below that was taken at 7:00 AM.
August 2, 2021 at Llantrissant

This photograph of the humidity/temperature sensor was taken around 7AM on August 2, 2021 showing that the temperature was 73°F or 23°C. This was no aberration. For almost the entire month of July and early August, the early mornings were in the mid-70s which meant that with ceiling fans blowing directly downward onto the beds, the perceived temperature was actually lower and required that a bedspread be pulled over oneself. You will note that the humidity was 88% which was the result of the summer rains that are typical for a subtropical climate. However, with the sea breezes and ceiling fans, it contributed to a cooling rather than a muggy effect. The open architecture of the house is complemented by its ceiling fans that promote airflow through the louvered windows and wide-open doors. Such airiness unites the interior with the external environment. This has made it possible to avoid the negative consequences that air conditioning is having on climate change.

Since Jamaica is in the Tropic of Cancer, it is considerably milder than the equatorial tropical zone. In particular, Negril is facing west which not only makes for spectacular sunsets but also for less overall rainfall. Oftentimes, rains from across the bay never reach the West End which makes it somewhat arid.

Llantrissant itself is located on a small peninsula facing northwardly into the Caribbean Sea which means that it picks up sea breezes from all directions. And, the magnificent canopy provided by our centuries-old cotton trees makes Llantrissant one of the coolest places to be.
Sunny in Negril, raining in Hanover.

Thanksgiving in Negr

There are still some open dates available for the remainder of this year, including the week of Thanksgiving. We are all so weary of the pandemic, but take advantage of the special discounts available for the remainder of this year.Weddings and Receptions
The word Llantrissant means “a place where lovers meet” and we believe that there is a magic here that can only enhance any wedding and reception. Our reservation model is shifting away from week-long stays in order to accommodate events. This means that there will only be a two-night minimum stay for events to provide for the setup and take-down processes. Also, we have eliminated the Saturday check-in and check-out, hence there is more flexibility to make your plans.

Social Media Contributions.

Obviously, it has been pretty rough over the past year and a half. Nevertheless, we have kept the property staffed on a 24/7 basis. We are all hoping for the best but hope alone is not the answer. For any and all of you who have stayed at Llantrissant, we would appreciate it if you post your comments and photographs on Trip Advisor, Instagram at beach_cliff, FaceBook at Llantrissant Beachcliff Villa or Llantrissant Villa. and Twitter @beachcliffvilla.

Covid-19 Update.

The Jamaican government has been doing a terrific job with limited resources. The latest statistics show that there have been a total of 63,831 cases and 1,431 deaths islandwide. Most of our staff has been vaccinated and/or are waiting to get vaccinated. We are following the guidelines by wearing masks, keeping socially distant when possible, and using hand sanitizers. Curfews are strictly adhered to which means that our staff may have to leave the property earlier than usual but not until the evening meal has been prepared.

History in the Making

On July 25, 2021 an article about Llantrissant appeared in the Sunday Gleaner. Although it was a very complimentary piece the author neglected to address the fact that a historical wooden house needs constant maintenance. Sometimes when a door scrapes on the floor it is because of the gradual shifting of the Earth and the simple remedy is to take the door off its hinges and plane the bottom. However, at other times, a greater effort and material is needed to shore up the structure of the house to realign door jams.
Looking Ahead

Hopefully, 2022 will be a brighter and safer year than it has been over the past year and a half. The vaccination program in the US seems to be working but we still have a long way to go. Please stay safe so that you can visit us in the coming year.

All The best,

Craig, Cherry and the Staff.