A Family Affair

There could be nothing better in life than to spend time with family that is untroubled by any other responsibility than making sure that sunscreen is applied or life vests are secured.
Who Needs TV When You Can Climb a Tree?
Or, Hide Inside One?
No getting lost in the woods, just hiding out in the massive buttress roots of the giant cotton trees.For the Youngest Travellers
We have a crib, playpen, daybed and highchairs for the youngest of travellers. A nanny service is also available.Learning Architecture on The Beach
Whose Turn For Dishes?
And mom and dad don’t need to spend a minute in the supermarket or kitchen.Our staff does it all – shopping, cooking, serving and cleaning up. Now, that’s service.Tennis Anyone?
The tennis court is in great shape. Our security guard, Charmer, has masterfully top-dressed it and rolled it. George, our gardener, makes sure that it is watered and broomed. Local tennis pros are available for hitting and teaching. Just bring your own rackets, balls and shoes, but we do have general purpose rackets for adults and children, and a bucket of practice balls for those who want to give it a try.
What, me worry?
We all need an escape from these uncertain and stressful times and where could be a better place be than in a hammock in the Caribbean? The very words hammock, canoe, tobacco and bar-b-que were all given to us by the Arawack indians of Jamaica. The indentured servants from India most likely brought ganja to Jamaica where it is now legal for medicinal purposes.
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